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mysteriousmage | eBay


Since I have not had much interest in Monster High anymore, I have decided to sell the majority of my collection. I have them listed up on ebay here. Please take a look. I am moving soon and could really use the money to help me move! I am selling most of them for around 50% less than I paid for. I just want them out and with someone who wants them. 

I am also selling a SDCC Scarah and Hoodude! 

Posted 4 months ago

spiritravenmoon on eBay

Hey all,
So I’ve finally decided to sell a majority of my remaining collection. I’ve found over the past few months that my interest in MH has been waning so I figured it was due time to part with all but 13 of them.
Between today and tomorrow, I will have them all listed. This includes all Wave 1s, 2 SDCC exclusives, a couple hard to find dolls. :)

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Im sorry- But is that monster sailor moon in Frights camera action?!

Haha! MH-ified Sailor Moon! :D
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Finally all finished the line! Abbey Bominable, twyla, Howleen Wolf, and Draculaura.
Rochelle Goyle and Clawdeen Wolf were the two I had finished earlier. Now they’re all together.

Designs for my “Snow Day” mock line of Monster High Dolls :) I’ll be doing a “rainy Day” line as well with different characters

Posted 7 months ago

Would anyone be interested in the 2 additional Scarah I Love Fashion outfits with dolls?
I was just looking over my collection and decided I don’t really need 4 Scarahs, so I decided to part with these 2.
They are $16 each plus shipping. I only take Paypal. If interested just drop me a message. :)

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I was half-celebrating the fact that there will only be 8 new EAH dolls compared to the 15 MH ones but NO. When they say “8 new dolls” they mean 8 new characters, because the MH picture doesn’t show all the different freaky Fusion dolls which means there will be 15 new characters + lots of others….

Actually Dutchess won’t be one of the new characters. We’re getting Lizzie, Cedar, Holly, Poppy, and Dexter. This was the info out of the toy fair in Germany.
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My correct mask PD Retta arrived today!

Got a good deal on her too. $14.99 + $5-6 for shipping on eBay.

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Finished Commission! Luna from Sailor Moon
Originally a CAM Bee head and vampire body

Commission info here

Posted 8 months ago

My newest beauties. It’s been awhile since I bought a doll. Two of my uncles gave me gift cards to Target for Christmas, so I FINALLY got out yesterday to use them (and a couple other gift cards). :)

Posted 8 months ago

PD Retta’s correct mask

Hey all,
Would anyone, by chance, have PD Retta’s correct mask for trade?
I have quite a few MH stands, both female and male, and would trade 2-3 for her correct mask.
Any takers?